St. Paul’s Smallest Museum

Exhibition Open Oct 1st – Oct 28th

I currently live and work in the Midway area of St. Paul and I lived in the area through most of the construction of the Green Line. Throughout the line’s construction there was an enormous amount of businesses and people that were negatively impacted by the construction – when the line finally opened last summer, I felt that the spell of decay and uncertainty that had befallen the St. Paul Midway area had finally dissipated. Despite its initial opposition and arguments against the line’s success, once opened, you could feel the excitement – no one could argue against it. They loved it-   For this reason I have chosen the Green Line as the subject for the installation.

This proposal installation has as its main focus a recreation of the 1896 silent film “L’Arrivee d’un train en gare de La Ciotat” by Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The Lumiere brother’s film has been said to have caused panic when it was originally shown. The scene portraying a locomotive which was filmed head on had never been seen before, and therefore people in the audience thought a train was barreling down on them. Taking cue from the original economic fear instilled when the line was proposed, I want to show the Green Line in the same light as the Lumiere brothers did – uncertain but ultimately beneficial. Using the micro museum as a window, the recreated film with the Green Line Train as its protagonist will be displayed on a miniature screen inside a miniature movie theater. In order to maximize perspective effects, the rows of seats will decrease in size as they get closer to the screen.

My hope is for the audience to draw a connection between the Green Line and its place in St. Paul’s history in relation to how it will be viewed 100 years from now, the same way we now view the Lumiere brother’s film. The tiny screen’s glow is certain o draw viewers off the street and off the train as they arrive.




New work to be featured at St. Paul’s Smallest Museum

A proposal exhibition for St. Paul’s Smallest Museum in St. Paul, MN has been accepted and will be on display in October 2015. More updates to come soon.

List of Selected Exhibitions:

July 2015: Sophie Durbin, Witch’s Hat Tower Tribute
August: Ruthann Godollei, Read the Fine Print – micro-printing
September: Jill Waterhouse, Cabinet of Wonder – community objects
October: Yousif Del Valle, Green Line Train Film
November: Abigail Allan, Frog Specimens
December: Joshua Murray, Digital History of the Security Building
January 2016: Taylor Rose, Medicine Cabinet
February: Anne Preston, Crocheted replica of WorkHorse Coffee Bar
March: Dick Wenkel, “Undiscovered” Species of MN
April: Richard Chin, Skyscrapers
May: Aleah Vinick, MN Historical Society Teen Council Project
June: Andy Singer, Bicycle Zines & Pedestrian Comics

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XXXYZ Featured in 4th Annual 12 inches of Sin Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV.



Laser Cut Wood, Plaster, Condoms, Screen Projection.

1′ x 1′ x 1 ‘  –  Video – 2:59 m


Heavily influenced by Vitto Acconci’s “Seedbed” and Dan Graham’s approach to public spaces, XXXYZ addresses the history and tradition of adult movie theaters, their place in the public realm and the relationship between the viewer and the projection.

Sin City Gallery

Las Vegas, NV

June 13 – July 3rd



Olympic Site

Patina Update on Olympic Site at Franconia Sculpture Park.





Upcoming Group Show

tiny worlds

Tiny Worlds

The New Bohemian Gallery

Brainerd, MN

09/12/14 – 10/04/14

Works featured:



Fallece Gustavo Cerati

D.E.P.  Gustavo Cerati (08/11/1959- 09/04/2014)


Gustavo Cerati. (1986). Via Jaime Dario

Franconia Sculpture Park Hot Metal Artist Residency 2014

Residency Completed.

Special thanks to John Hock and all of the Franconia Sculpture Park staff.

The piece titled Olympic Site will be hosted and displayed by Franconia Sculpture Park for at least 1 year. Unveiling of new pieces 09/20/2014.

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Hot Metal Artist

@Franconia Sculpture Park

2014 Hot Metal Artists

Allison Baker RI
Scott Berels MI
Jason Brown TN
Meagan Daus MN
Yousif Del Valle MN
Andrew Fernandez MN
William Fillmore CA
Leekyung Kang S. Korea
Rian Kerrane CO
Tamsie Ringler MN

Residency 7/20/14 – 08/02/14

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New Work



Work Completed in 2013 Updated into new album. Check out the Gallery Section.

Update on New Work



Preview of an Upcoming Aluminum Casting