St. Paul’s Smallest Museum

Once again, Shannon Forney has invited me to show my work at Saint Paul’s Smallest Museum. The exhibit will be up for the entire month of January.

Spruce Tree retouched

I currently live and work in the Midway area of St. Paul and I have lived in the area through most of the construction of the Green Line. Once again, the area is in the midst of a new development that both threatens and excites the community. Minnesota United Soccer Team has chosen the area behind the Midway Shopping Center to build their new privately funded stadium. As it was with the Green Line, the Midway area is both for and against the idea. The prospect of change and the unknown is always a source of unease, especially when it seems inevitable and out of our hands. .

This installation focuses on the Midway Shopping Center itself. The photograph was taken from the Spruce Tree Center, a development that was also questioned upon its release in 1988. In addition to it’s historical context, the subject focuses on the Shopping Center as a character that has witnessed the area’s past and soon to be future, a witness that may not be there forever.

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